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Who to Call for Water Heater Repair? /Chicago Plumber

February 05, 2020

No hot water? What do you do when your water heater is acting up? Are you hesitant to pick up the phone because you’re not sure who to contact? In most cases, your local licensed plumber will be equipped to repair your water heater. Leave your hot water issues up to the professionals who understand the mechanics behind them. 


When should you call a plumber?


Hearing a loud noise or seeing pools of water by your water heater can be very worrisome. If you notice any of these common water heater issues below, be sure to call a plumber right away:

  • Abnormal noises coming from your water heater, like whistling sounds, or screeching noises.
  • Rusty, discolored water coming from the water heater. 
  • Very low or no hot water pressure. 
  • No hot water at all. 
  • Leaking water heater. 
  • Gas heaters only - The pilot light won’t stay illuminated


Leave up to the professionals:


While it may seem tempting to dry and attempt a DIY fix yourself, it’s important to leave it up to the people who are licensed to work on hot water heaters. Trying to fix a hot water heater on your own could lead to irreversible damage to your system, or worse, personal injury to you. If your hot water heater needs a repair, give us a call at Narwhal Plumbing. One of our fully licensed and trained plumbers will have your hot water back in no time. Our plumbers are specially trained in all aspects of water heater repairs. 


Different types of water heaters:


Depending on the make and style of your water heater, the plumber may require various tools to tend to it. Check out the three most common types of water heaters below and learn how often you should call in a plumber for regular maintenance, even if it’s not broken. 


Conventional water heaters: 

AKA storage tank water heaters. These are the most common and use an insulated tank where hot water stays stored until it’s needed. These do require regular maintenance, so even if you don’t notice an issue, it’s a good idea to give a plumber a call at least once a year to flush the system to remove any sediment and buildup. 


Tankless water heaters:

These energy-efficient water heaters use coils to heat water on demand. They work well for large families that require a lot of hot water at one time. Tankless water heaters should also be descaled yearly. 


With regular maintenance, your water heater should last you around 10 to 15 years. If you have a feeling your hot water heater is having an issue, don’t wait to call a plumber. Waiting too long can cause additional damage to your heater and could eventually end in having to replace the entire system. Save time, money, and always have hot water on hand by trusting one of our trained Narwhal Plumbing professionals to service your water heater. 





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