Narwhal Plumbing the Best Sump Pump Repair Services in Chicago!


Narwhal Plumbing is family owned and operated plumbing company located in Chicago. If you are in need of repair or install , give as a call today for immediate service.

Narwhal Plumbing is committed to excellence, honesty, fairness, and giving back to the community. We treat our workers fairly and pay them fair prices for their commendable work. We treat our customers not only with respect, but also with honesty, letting them know the full scope of the work that we do and the exact costs that they will incur. Every time a customer calls us over for a job, we have a brief conversation with them where the scope of the work is determined and the costs are estimated in the presence of the client. Once all of that has been done, the work begins with the client knowing exactly how much the will pay at the end of the day. 

We also pride ourselves in our safety and professionalism. When it comes to safety, we always want our clients to feel safe in the presence of our personnel. We don’t want them worrying about their backgrounds or character profiles, so we do all the grunt work before we even hire our plumbers. 

All of our technicians undergo an extensive background check before they are hired to determine whether they really are who they say they are. We also do drug tests on them to ensure that they are not abusing any drugs when in our employment. We also profile their personalities to ensure we only hire people with the right personalities for the job. All of this happens before they are hired so that we only end up with the best people to serve our clients.

On the professionalism front we take licensing very seriously, just like the rest of the state of Illinois. All of our specialists are licensed within the state of Illinois, which means they are more than qualified for the work they do. We also prefer specialists with a wealth of experience in different aspects of plumbing to minimize the chances that anything can go wrong and also to increase the satisfaction of our clients. Whenever you receive a specialist at your home from Narwhal Plumbing, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are up to the task at hand. 

As an organization, we are also bonded and insured to deal with any unforeseen accidents that may happen on the job. As soon as a specialist is dispatched to your home, you’ll receive an email with information about your technician. That way you’ll know exactly when they’re coming and who they are. 

Narwhal Plumbing isn’t just here to offer you quality service, but also to save your time and money in the process. We are always just one phone call away so don’t hesitate to contact us.  




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