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How To Know If Your Sump Pump Is Ready For Summer Storms?

August 05, 2019

Your sump pump is used to keep water flowing naturally through your home. Usually located in your crawlspace or basement, it prevents excess moisture and or moisture damage. The pumping mechanism is controlled by electricity. Best of all, your sump pump works to prevent mildew or mold. A sump pump is imperative in places with increased snowfall or rain. 


According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, "about 60 percent of homeowner's suffer from moisture in their basement or crawlspace area." In fact, you can expect your basement to flood at some point, but if it doesn't the moisture can still lead to mold and mildew building up in your home. 


How Does A Sump Pump Work?

Your sump pump uses flotation to begin pumping water when it reaches a certain level. The water is pumped to an outside hose that draws it away from your home's foundation. If your sump pump is not successfully leading the water away from your home, it's time to call a professional plumber for assistance. Even the slightest repair issue with your sump pump isn't something you want to repair on your own. 


How Do I Know I Need Sump Pump Professionals 

If your house doesn't have a sump pump pit constructed it's time to call in the professionals. A professional will follow some basic steps to ensure that your pump is fitted and working properly. However, you can find a sump pump at many hardware stores, but it's still best to employ the services of a professionals. 


How To Maintain Your Sump Pump 

- Make sure your device is not tilted 

- Use the bucket of water test (Pour a bucket of water into your pump to see if it activates immediately) 

- Remove your submersible pump from the pit 

- Check for tightly fastened pumps 

- Check your vents for blockage 


Sump Pump Installation 

 1. First of all, the plumber will find a location for your device. You must have a hole for a sump pump. If your basement or crawlspace doesn't have one, a plumber has the expertise to ensure an adequate size hole for your pump. The plumber may add more dirt after your device is installed to ensure your device is at the proper level. 


2. Attach the adapters and install a check value. However, your check valve should be used for vertical operation. 

3. Pressurized fittings are used to channel water away from your house which usually consist of PVC tubes. 

4. The PVC is ran through the wall of your home to prepare for dispersing water away from your house through your basement or crawlspace. Sealant is applied to ensure your PVC is securely in place and it doesn't leave a entryway for pests and rodent. 

5. You need to ensure you spread out the water flow on the outside of your home and away from your foundation. 

6. Finally, make sure the ground around your sump pump is level. Plus, ensure that your sump pump is covered. You're finally prepared to see if your sump pump is operating effectively. 


If you have questions about your sump pump, you're invited to call our professional plumbing experts today. WE ARE TOP-QUALITY PLUMBER IN LAKEVIEW, CHICAGO IL CALL US TODAY FOR A ESTIMATE!




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