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Tankless Water heater Buyer's Guide: What you need to know- Water Heater Leaking - Energy Efficient water Heaters Installation

November 15, 2019


When it becomes necessary to replace your water heater, two basic options exist. You can select a traditional model or choose a tankless water heater. Here is a look at a few reasons you may want to consider choosing a tankless water heater.


How much does it cost to fix a hot water heater?

Tankless Water Heater Take up Less Space Than Traditional Models 


As the name indicates, tankless water heaters do not have tanks. They do not store hot water that needs to be continuously heated. They are designed to produce hot water upon demand. Since no tank exists, this style of water heater takes up less space than the conventional style of hot water heater.


Tankless Heaters Last Longer Than Traditional Ones 


Traditional water heaters typically last between ten and fifteen years. With proper maintenance, some styles continue to operate efficiently for longer amounts of time. 


The average lifespan of a tankless heater is twenty years. If proper maintenance is provided annually, this style of heater can last longer than twenty years. Since conventional tanks have a shorter lifespan than tankless versions, you won't need to replace your water heater as frequently.


Tankless Heaters Save Money 


Tankless heaters use less energy than traditional ones. They do not need to keep water heated until it is requested. As a result, they use less energy. On the other hand, traditional tanks consistently use energy to maintain the temperature of stored water. 


Types of Tankless Water Heaters 


Tankless water heaters are available in electric and gas models. Each type offers advantages and disadvantages. 


Electric water heaters typically cost less than gas models. Installation is simpler because less time and effort are needed. Most styles of electric water tanks are smaller in size than their gas counterparts. They are excellent choices for small homes. Unfortunately, an electric water tank may lead to more expensive energy bills than a gas style would. 


Gas water heaters require additional venting to handle combustion emissions and operate safely. Therefore, the installation process is more costly than setting up an electric heater. It requires additional time and a larger area within the home as well. 


Installing a tankless water heater instead of a traditional style offers several advantages. Tankless models take up less space and use less energy to operate. They produce hot water on demand and eliminate the need to wait for hot water that so often occurs with traditional water heaters. If you need help deciding which style to buy, your local  Narwhal Plumbing company  located in Chicago can assist you.


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