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Things Plumbers Wish you Knew about your Garbage Disposal

July 20, 2019

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Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts.

Garbage disposal is a great appliance that helps to make household chores less demanding. However, it is essential to maintain this appliance properly to avoid it breaking down, clogging, or blocking the drainage system that may result in expensive plumbing costs.

In this post, we shall discuss the Dos and the Don’ts of garbage disposal, cleaning, installation, and repairs.

The Do’s of Garbage Disposal

  • Do ensure that your garbage disposal is kept clean. To do this, every time you are done washing dishes, pour a little dishwashing soap inside and allow the garbage disposal to run for a while with cold water.
  • Do frequently run your garbage disposal. Doing this will help prevent corrosion and rust as well as ensuring all the mechanical parts run smoothing with no obstructions.
  • Do use a lot of cold water as you grind your waste. Cold water is essential because it helps solidify oils and grease in the unit so that it is easily chopped before getting to the trap.
  • Do grind particular hard materials like fish or chicken bone, eggshells, and fruit peels. The particles from these elements create a scouring action inside the grinding chamber that is essential in cleaning the walls of the garbage disposal.
  • Do chop up larger items into tiny pieces and allow them to go into the garbage disposal one by one. By all means, do not shove large amounts down the garbage disposal all at once.

The Don’ts of Garbage Disposal

What can you put down a garbage disposal? The most fundamental rule when it comes to using the garbage disposal is never to put non biodegradable foods through it. Garbage disposal is only used for getting rid of food scraps. Don’t use your garbage disposal to grind metal, paper, plastic or glass

  • Don’t grind flammable things
  • Don’t use the garbage disposal to grind cigarette butts.
  • Don’t pour fat, oil, or grease down your garbage disposal drain. Chances are it will clog the drain
  • Don’t grind foods that are high in fiber like celery stalks, artichokes, corn husks, or onion skins. The fiber tangles causing the garbage disposal motor to jam and block the drains.
  • Don’t stop the flow of water or the motor as long as grinding is going on. After completion of grinding, switch off the garbage disposal but allow the water to run for a little while longer
  • Don’t stuff many potato peels through the garbage disposal at once. The starch from the skins will become a thick paste that is likely to make the blades stick.
  • Don’t grind bones from large animals like beef or pork
  • Don’t shove large amounts of waste down the garbage disposal. Do small amounts at a time while ensuring cold water is running through the drain.
  • Don’t dispose of expandable foods like pasta or rice through the garbage disposal.

Cleaning your Garbage Disposal

Don’t let your garbage disposal become clogged, dirty, and smelly! Garbage disposals automatically clean themselves through the broken particles, but it is advisable to clean it weekly to avoid collected particles from causing a foul smell. 

With an abrasive scrubber, dish soap, vinegar, and baking soda, bleach or salt if needed you can make your garbage disposal cleaner and use. Always turn off the power before commencing to clean.

How do I know if my Garbage Disposal is bad?

Several signs should signal to you that your garbage disposal is spoilt or needs repair. 

  • When it refuses to turn on
  • When you frequently have to reset it
  • When it takes longer to break down food
  • When it smells terrible no matter how much you clean it
  • When it makes a screeching noise.

Garbage disposal repair

If your garbage disposal is spoilt, do not attempt to fix it yourself unless you are entirely familiar with its mechanisms. Consult qualified Lake View Chicago, IL  plumber for repairs. If the drainage is causing you problems, ask qualified and licensed plumbers to fix the problem.

Garbage disposal installation

Whether you want new garbage disposal installation or replacing an existing one, you will need the services of a qualified  Lake View, Chicago plumbers for this. Doing it wrong can damage your plumbing system. This is because you must have it connected to the sink then the drainage pipe.

In conclusion, garbage disposal is an essential appliance in most homes. Increase its longevity by caring and maintaining it well.


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